• TDI

    • 2022

      Aug. Supplied OTDR Module over 3000EA(HFR Inc.)
      Oct.  Supplied OTDR Module for Korail's own optical
                     network monitoring(COWEAVER)

    • 2021

      Oct. Supplied portable optical testing instrument for
                    fiber optic cable maintenance(Innowireless Co.,Ltd.)

    • 2020

      Jan. Participated in CES2020(Las Vegas, USA)
      Mar.Started supplying OTDR module for
                    5G fronthaul network monitoring(HFR Inc.)
      Dec. Supplied distributed strain sensor sysyem(KICT)

    • 2019

      Jan.  Supplied OTDR Module for fiber optic
                     network monitoring(COWEAVER)
      Aug. Supplied OTDR Module for fiber optic for
                     fiber optic cable maintenance(Measurement Korea)

    • 2018

      Apr. Supplied portable optical testing instrument for
                     fiber optic cable maintenance(Innowireless Co.,Ltd.)
      Oct. Started supplying OTDR module for
                     fiber optic network monitoring(HFR Inc.)
      Nov.Designated as a Military Service Enterprise

    • 2017

      Feb. Supplied Remote Fiber Test System to Wirye New city
      Apr. Supplied OTDR Module for SK Telecom TPON
      Apr. Supplied Remote Fiber Test System to 
                     Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
      Nov. Relocated office into IT Convergence Industry Building

    • 2016

      Mar. Developed portable optical testing instrument for 
                     fiber optic cable maintenance
      Mar. Supplied Remote Fiber Test System to 
                     Namyang New city
      Apr. Started exporting OTDR module for System to 
                     optical return loss meter(china)

    • 2015

      May.Acquired certification of Venture Company from 
                     Korea Technology Guarantee Fund
      Sep. Established company R&D center
      Oct. Supplied Remote Fiber Test System to Hanam City

    • 2014

      May. TDI Co., Ltd was established in the business                                  incubation center of Kyungpook National University